Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I think I need to talk about it...

Someone close to my family has recently become very ill. She's been ill for a while, but it's gotten far worse recently. She's been told that she WILL lose her sight, it's inevitable. Yesterday, she was rushed into hospital because she had collapsed. Apparently she had multiple brain seizures. Today we were told she's just had a stroke. This is where trying to find something positive to say is near impossible.

I can't even imagine what she must be going through and all my prayers are with her. My mum is going to see her tomorrow, but I'm not allowed to go. My mum said this was for 2 reasons: 
1)I'm at school -_- (So mundane it's infuriating ) 
2)She doesn't want me to see her in such state because it would upset me so much

Once, I would have said that the 2nd reason was fair enough, but not anymore. One of the last things She said to me was "I really don't think I want to live anymore." At this point I was on the verge of breaking down into tears myself. When I got home, I did. 
Hopefully I have a full life ahead of me-I know it will be full of both beautiful and tragic experiences (that's life) but I can honestly say that seeing an old lady, quivering in her chair, with no close family left, almost asking for death, will remain to be one of the most heartbreaking things I will ever hear/see. 

This whole situation is so sad. I want with all my heart for her to get better, but what if she does? What kind of life will it be? I know she will never fully recover. So it's just made me think...

if it's kinder to let go of those we love, we do we fight with all our hearts to keep them here with us?

Some may say we are selfish?Others may say it's just incredibly strong love? In the end, I think it's just another one of those things. A stepping stone over a river. 
Sometimes the river is gentle and calm, sometimes we can float. Other days, it's cruel and reckless- pushing us as far and we can go. Sometimes we drown. 
But, whether we drown or not, we all end up in stillness eventually. Together. 

I know this post will bear little meaning to anyone but me, but if you have read it - Thank you. 

Now we must make the choice. Life is limited. Live it. 


Saturday, 10 September 2011

In My Mailbox (5)

Another one so soon? XD
This is rare!

This week I had a bit of a spending spree on Amazon! 

I bought: 

The Hunger Games (boxset) - Suzanne Collins
I've already read it, but I borrowed them from a friend. After finding out how awesome they were I knew I had to have my own copies.
Bloodlines - Richelle Mead 
I can't wait to read this! 

The Vampire Academy Graphic Novel 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
I have heard SO many good things about this book... I don't think I'll be disappointed! 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

In My Mailbox (4)

(Long overdue) 
Firstly, I bought: 
Summer of Skinny Dipping - Amanda Howells
This is a really good book, and to say I was surprised by it was an understatement. I will say no more...

You Against Me - Jenny Downham 
This was defiantly a good book and I found myself relating to the characters quite a lot. The only thing that bothered me about this book was the ending; I felt as if it wasn't complete. Sadly,I still had questions unanswered . 

Butterface- Gwen Hayes 
When I bought this book I didn't realise that it was a short story. It wasn't until I looked at my progress bar on my kindle and saw that I had read three quarters of the book in almost no time at all. If I'm honest, this put me off straight away. I don't like putting any negative reviews out there, but I find they always help when deciding whether or not to buy a book. On the whole I felt this book was a bit of a disappointment. I felt it had the potential to be a good story, but it was far too rushed and therefore it felt  clich├ęd. 

Looking For Alaska - John Green

Having not yet read this book, no spoilers please. I've heard so MANY good things about this book and really can't wait to read it. 

I also received my first giveaway win in August, which I am VERY late mentioning. (sooorry)
So thank you so much to Danielle- here is her awesome blog Frenzy of Noise
She sent me a signed copy of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
I ordered some more books the other day, so if they come in time I should be doing another IMM pretty soon! Happy reading everybody :')
P.s If anyone can help me to get rid of all the spaces on the post I would be very grateful. They don't show up until I publish it :/