Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rant about food, then an ideal love.

Feel like I have eaten too much... this is the point where i'm supposed to go for a run or something. Oh well. Looks like i'm not going anywhere. Next.

"A day without you is like a year without rain" (8) It may be slightly cheesy but when you think about it; the lyrics are sort of beautifully poetic. Without you my life isn't worth living and without you I couldn't live. They say love is happiness and bliss, that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you glow from the outside in. Well, songs like that kind of bring it home. It may be all of the things above but it's also a dependence, that desire to be with a certain person and once you have them you can never let go. Without them you can't breathe. They are your oxygen.

Just something to think about. Or someone.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Getting closer

OKay so it's been 9 weeks since I started saving for New York and i'm now about 2/5's of the way through. I am so excited I can't really put it into words. Other updates for the day are: all but for of the sheep have lambed now; 21 little lambs XD They are so adorable but little "lambpup" needs to find some friends. He's like a dog; he just follows your around everywhere. I know this may seem really cute, and trust me- it is, but he needs to gain some independance to help him survive.

Anyway that's enough about the sheep, I'm off out tommorrow and fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

One last thing, the tragedy that is Japan at the moment is heart breaking and we are all hoping and praying for those affected. Some say that the increase in natural disasters is due to global warming, so if it is, why aren't we doing anything? If we can help prevent such horrible occurances why aren't we? We have the power to change things, but just as assumed, no one will take it seriously until it happens to us, and by then it will be too late.Just a little thought.